Same-Sex Adoptions

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Birth Mothers Seeking Same Sex Adoptions

No Restrictions in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware

Most states now fully recognize same-sex marriages. The doors that once prevented many of these same sex adoptions have been flung wide open. Due to the adoption limitations that once stood in the way of same-sex unmarried couples have also been dissolved. Currently, paving the way to bring a countless number of loving families together.

At Adoption ARC, it is our calling to establish and support caring and nurturing families, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. We have nearly 25 years’ experience honoring the adoption triad of birth parent-adoptive parent-adoptee.

If you are a same-sex couple seeking to adopt, contact one of our adoption counselors today to get started!

While same-sex couples used to face seemingly impossible hurdles when seeking to adopt. Thankfully, these hurdles no longer exist in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware.

Because of recent legislation, Same Sex Adoptions now have significant rights, including:

  • Married same-sex couples have the same legal adoption rights as heterosexual couples
  • Unmarried same-sex couples can petition for adoption as single-parents or jointly

Compassionate Support During the Adoption Process

If you are a same-sex couple wishing to adopt in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware, Adoption ARC can provide assistance. From initial counseling and home screening to adoption day and parenting classes, we are dedicated to supporting you and your family. We believe that adoption is a lifelong endeavor, and we will provide care and assistance every step of the way.

Our private, non-profit child welfare agency is licensed and accredited to provide adoption services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. More importantly, we believe adoption is a lifelong process for all parties involved in the adoption triad and are devoted to providing unending support.

Adoption ARC is a fully-accredited and licensed non-profit child welfare agency ready to assist you in realizing your dream of a family.

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