Merle Gutterman Parker

Merle Gutterman Parker, M.Ed., MS

Executive Director of Adoption ARC

Merle Gutterman ParkerMerle is Adoption ARC’s Executive Director. She has worked informally with Adoption ARC since its inception in March 1994. Merle even designed the first Adoption ARC brochures and continues to help design the newsletters and other marketing materials. Merle received her Master of Education degree in Counseling Psychology in 2007 from Temple University and her Master of Science degree in Technical and Science Communication from Drexel University in 1996.

For more than eight years, Merle Gutterman Parker worked in the technical communication field. She began her career as a junior level technical writer and worked her way up to a senior level technical writer where she supervised a team of writers. For example, Merle also taught college level writing/composition classes at National University, a nontraditional college for working adults in Southern California.

In 2005, Merle returned to graduate school for Counseling Psychology. Merle interned at Calcutta House, a residential facility in North Philadelphia for people who are homeless and have HIV. Merle provided one-on-one and group counseling to the residents. She also helped organize events for the residents. In 2007, Merle worked for a social service agency in Manhattan called Project Renewal. She provided vocational counseling for people with severe mental health disorders.

In September 2008, Merle began working full-time for Adoption ARC as a birth parent counselor and administrative supervisor. While at Adoption ARC, she was able to combine her counseling and administrative skills together to grow with the agency.

Merle Gutterman Parker is a member of the American Counseling Association. Currently, she is volunteering her time with various nonprofit organizations in Philadelphia, New York, and San Diego. She looks forward to continuing the good work and high level of quality service that Adoption ARC has provided to all of its clients for the past 15 years.

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