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So, I just found out that I am pregnant, now what?

So, you’ve just taken a pregnancy test, and it’s positive. Oh, No! This is not a happy time for you because this in an unplanned pregnancy. You are scared, confused and not ready to be a mother. So, what can you do? You are thinking that you need to speak to a totally unbiased professional about your options. But, does that cost money? You need to find a professional who offers free options counseling.

Calling an Adoption Agency

One of your friends recommends a licensed nonprofit adoption agency that her cousin went to when she needed help with her pregnancy options. They are Adoption ARC and they are a fully licensed and Hague Accredited agency. Their professional counselors are headed by a licensed clinical social worker with over twenty five years of child welfare, adoption and counseling experience. So, you call the toll- free number at 1-800-884-4004. You also check out the website at

What Information Does an Adoption Agency Want from Me?

When you are ready, Adoption ARC will meet with you in person to go over options for your pregnancy. We can meet in our office, your home or a neutral private place that is convenient for you. All meetings are confidential and free for you.

If you decide, after a few counseling sessions that you wish to proceed with adoption, we will have you sign some non-binding paperwork so that we may work with you. Remember, you can change your mind at any time during this period.

What Resources Will I have During the Adoption Process?

During the counseling period, we will assess with you any living expense needs for a healthy pregnancy such as help with housing, utilities, food, maternity and clothing. If you do not already go to prenatal care, we will assist you with arranging the medical care and with insurance. We can even take you to your prenatal appointments or ensure that you have transportation to them.

Many may qualify for medical assistance and benefits from the state to assist you with your pregnancy. There is also the WIC (Women, Infant and Children) Program which assists low income pregnant women with nutritional food items.

Emotional Support During Adoption

If you decide to move forward with adoption and you begin to tell your friends and family, you may get a lot of unsolicited advice such as “Don’t give up your baby for adoption.” “Don’t put up your baby for adoption”. This can be very difficult and Adoption ARC can work through these difficult times with you and your friends and family if you would like.

You are not giving up your baby. Rather, you are making an adoption plan with great thought and work. You are going through counseling and learning all about the adoption option as well as others. At that same time, you will be working with your counselor to prepare for grief and loss that you may experience during the placement. We provide you with materials to read for discussion as well as putting you in touch with a peer counselor who has gone through placing a baby for adoption, if you’d like.

So, if this sounds like the help that you need, please call Adoption ARC at 1-800-884-4004 or contact us on Facebook. We are here for you 24/7.

In the next blog, we will discuss the father of the baby. What are his rights and also what to expect in the hospital during the birth.