Happy Autumn 2017

Happy Autumn, 2017:

Welcome to Adoption ARC’s updated web site. We feel that birth families will have much more information easily accessible though this upgrade. It has been an incredibly busy year and summer. We are now twenty three and a half years old and still enthusiastically serving woman and families in our area.

In the spring, Adoption ARC moved out of Garden Court Plaza after almost twenty two years there. The building has been renovated and the costs went sky high so we decided to move the headquarters to Cherry Hill, New Jersey to the Tarragon Office Building where we had a small office previously. Fear not, we also have a new place for our Philly clients. It is actually very close to the old office at 4247 Locust Street, Apt. 16, Philadelphia, Pa. 19104. We are happy to meet you in this office by appointment. We are also happy to meet you in your home or in a neutral private location.

Please feel free to check out our most recent blog from birth mother, Lauren under our blog site. For those birth mothers and birth fathers out there who have worked with us or who have not, please email us and share your experience with us. It would be a great help to share with other birth moms and adoption who are considering adoption placement. Please feel free to email us at taralaw@aol.com.

Next month, November is National Adoption Month. This year the focus is on the adoption of teenagers in the foster care system. Luckily for children placed through private adoption agencies, such as Adoption ARC, the children are adopted at birth and have the gift of immediate permanency. Birth Parents are supported before, during and after placement

Please contact us any time at 1-800-884-4004. We are here to help!


Tara E. Gutterman, Esquire


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