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The decision to become an adoptive or birth parent is one of the most significant choices you will ever consider. Whatever the conclusion, it will be life altering. Consider Adoption ARC because our mission is to assist and support all individuals involved in the adoption process.

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What is involved in domestic adoption?

The definition of domestic adoption is quite straightforward: It is when both of the prospective parents and the child are U.S. citizens. Although the explanation is uncomplicated, the process is not as simple. Federal and state laws are in effect to safeguard the birth and adoptive parents, and children involved. Above all, our adoption professionals are available anytime to assist in all matters of domestic adoption.

To begin with, in the adoption process state law requires an investigation into the parenting fitness of the adoptive parent or parents. This procedure involves a home study to aid in determining eligibility of the petitioning parents.

Some of the items considered in the home study during the domestic adoption process are:

  • Financial stability
  • Marital stability, if applicable
  • Other children in the home
  • Career obligations
  • Health
  • Criminal history

Our private, non-profit child welfare agency is licensed and accredited to provide adoption services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. We believe adoption is a lifelong process for all parties involved in the adoption triad and are devoted to providing unending support.

Types of Domestic Adoption

Generally, there are three types of domestic adoption: open, closed and semi-open. In open adoption, contact and identifiable information are shared between all parties involved in the adoption. Closed adoption is where there is very little or no contact between parties. Medical history is commonly the only information shared. Semi-openusually includes the sharing of limited information such as only the parties involved first name and medical history. It may also include contact mediated by a third party.

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If you considering domestic adoption, whether you are an adopting parent or birth mother, Adoption ARC is ready to provide information, counseling and support.

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