What is the Adoption Triad?

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There are three primary participants in adoption: the adopted child, the birth parents, and the adoptive family. This is known as the Adoption Triad. It is well known that the triangle is the best shape for making strong structures because it naturally distributes equal weight along its members. Like a well-constructed pyramid, when the emotions of adoption are distributed correctly …

Is the Pain of Placing Your Child for Adoption Worth It?

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Adoption is an emotional decision with a lot to consider. Placing your child for adoption can be a heart-wrenching experience, yet, sometimes, it is the best option for both the child and the birth parents. When is Adoption the Right Choice? It’s essential to understand that adoption is a tough, life-changing decision. It’s a choice that parents make when they …

Open Adoption Reunion Between Dayana Upchurch’s Two Families

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After making the heartfelt and selfless decision to place Dayana for adoption through Adoption ARC 17 years ago via open adoption, they were contacted by their daughter and her parents this year. Both families met in a beautiful reunion this year right before Christmas. The power of the adoption triad is mighty! To see the video, go to: https://abcnews.go.com/WNT/video/teen-meets-birth-parents-after-adopted-infant-96440579.

Happy National Adoption Month!

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Adoption ARC would like to wish everyone a Happy National Adoption Month! We want to take the time to thank you all for your work with us over the past almost twenty-eight years.It is with the caring, kindness and professionalism of social workers, judges, attorneys, birth and adoptive families that we can all work toward the best interests of our …

Raising Kids During the Coronavirus

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Well, we are getting to the end of week two of social distancing and home schooling, and there is no end in sight. At times, I find panic and anxiety, my old friends, just waiting to let loose and take over my brain. That’s when I take a breath or two and then I remember… I come from survivor stock. …

What Happens If My Birth Parent Match Fails?

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One of the most difficult things to think about for prospective adoptive parents is the thought of having a match with a birth parent only to not have it proceed to fruition. My research and experience over the years leads me to analogize this feeling to miscarriage, still birth, and even the death of a child. I don’t believe that …

Adoption in the Time of Uncertainty

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No one likes uncertainty and this is quite an uncertain time. Life as we know it has stopped while our brave, selfless nurses, doctors, military, grocery workers, pharmacists, and all who are essential workers tend to our gravely ill and provide us with the necessities of life. For most of us, our worlds have been shaken to the core like …

Adoption Around the World

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We found this interesting information about how the word ADOPTION is said in languages throughout the world: Language Ways to say adoption Albanian adoptim Basque adopzioa Belarusian прыняцце Bosnian usvojenje Bulgarian осиновяване Catalan adopció Croatian posvajanje Czech přijetí Danish adoption Dutch adoptie Estonian vastuvõtmine Finnish hyväksyminen French adoption Galician adopción German Annahme Greek υιοθεσία (yiothesía) Hungarian örökbefogadás Icelandic Samþykkt Irish …