Birth Mother Testimonials

Hear from our birth mothers.

Testimonials from Birth Parents

Birth Parents who Chose Adoption ARC

“At 7 months pregnant I was unsure of what to do. No stable home environment and no income. That’s when I looked in the White Pages (yes the book lol) and came across Adoption ARC. From the very first phone call I knew I made the right decision. There was no judgment whatsoever. I was so afraid but the entire staff made the process easy.

No secrets and no hidden agendas. I know my son is in great hands due to their help. Their support is out of this world. If you are looking for an organization that is all about you and your needs, Adoption ARC is where to go.”

I gave my son to a nice family. I love them so much. My experience with Adoption ARC has been the best… I thank God I picked them. I know my son is well-taken care of; he is so happy when I talk to him over Skype! All I’m going to say is that Adoption ARC is the best and I love them for all the help they gave me…”

“This was a very tough process because I was in need of so many things. I called the agency and they made me feel so comfortable,

I never imagined that I could feel so happy about such a sad situation for me. Well I went through many many couples’ files before I found my own unique family !! They are so loving and caring.

I talked to them got to know them and now we are one big family . I could not have chosen any better family for my son. My baby has all this love and amazingly he was born 2 days before Mother’s Day and I felt like I was receiving and giving a gift all in one …what a blessing !! Mothers day will always be more then just about being a mother. It will remind me of a new life , love and thankfulness!!!! It will remind me of my choice to help someone else become a mother.

Thank you Adoption ARC for everything!”

“It was the most difficult time in my life. I was staying in a homeless shelter and I didn’t have a job or any emotional supports. I hadn’t been feeling well for quite some time, but I didn’t go to the doctor because I thought it was just stress and exhaustion. Finally, at six months into my pregnancy, I realized I was going to have a baby. I was terrified for myself, but mostly for my baby. I had nothing to give and I wanted more for my baby. I didn’t know who the Birth Father was, I was truly alone. Thankfully, a counselor at the shelter where I was staying gave me some names of local adoption agencies and encouraged me to call them.

I called several agencies. A few didn’t have anyone available to talk with me, another one asked me if I’d fly across the country to place my baby, and then I got through to Adoption ARC. The woman I spoke with immediately asked me how I am doing when I told her about my situation. She said that she was sorry that I was struggling so much at this time, and she asked me what I wanted for my baby regarding an adoption plan. The very next day, the social worker that I spoke with on the telephone met me at the shelter where I was staying.

She stayed with me for several hours and assisted me in getting linked to prenatal care. My social worker and I met several times over the next few months. She helped me with finding housing, which I now have, and she assisted me in creating a resume to aid me in finding employment. I chose the family who adopted my baby girl and I met them, and my daughter shortly after she was born. Creating an adoption plan clearly was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, but I will always be grateful for the support, guidance and advocacy that Adoption ARC provided.”

“My husband and I are the parents of two children who are five and 2 years old. He works and goes to school part-time while I stay at home with the children. A few months ago, I found that I was pregnant again. We could not afford another child and we were living with relatives so bringing another baby home was not an option. Adoption ARC assisted my family with prenatal care referral and transportation and listened to all my questions and fears about adoption, like would my baby hate me for placing him.

After several sessions, we came to realize that our decision was made in our son’s best interest to provide for him and to select a wonderful family from Adoption ARC. We wanted our son to know his story and the parents who will raise him will let him know that we made this decision because we care and love him so much.

Meeting the family was a little nerve wracking at first but with my counselor by my side, the conversation began to flow. She made us all feel so comfortable. They wanted to provide everything to Jeremy that we cannot. We all want the same thing for him- to grow into a healthy, happy well-adjusted young man with birth and adoptive parents who love him.”

“No one ever imagined that I would be the one to get pregnant at 16 years old, especially me. I come from a good family, education is very important and expectations for my future were high. There I was, in the beginning of my junior year in High School four months pregnant. I panicked and immediately told my older sister who sat with me as I told my parents. I was terrified and scared, but my family pulled together and committed to supporting me through this journey. We talked and cried and talked some more about options for my baby and me.

My father’s brother, my Uncle James, was adopted and as soon as my father reminded me of this it just seemed to be settled right then and there, I wanted to create an adoption plan. We did an online search of local adoption agencies and started making calls. I didn’t think that anyone would answer the phone, it was a Sunday night at 7pm. But when I called Adoption ARC I was transferred to an actual on call social worker. I started talking to the social worker and then I asked her if I can put her on speakerphone because my parents and sister had questions too. She agreed, and spent over an hour on the phone with my entire family and me.

She educated us on the adoption process, and answered our many, many questions. Two days later a Birth Parent Counselor from Adoption ARC came to meet with my family and I. She wanted to know exactly what type of adoptive family I wanted for my baby. I actually knew that I wanted a same-sex male couple, and that I’d like to meet them and receive pictures and letter updates throughout the course of my child’s life. My social worker said that this is definitely something Adoption ARC can provide. Over the next several months, my family and I met with my social worker on numerous occasions. She assisted us emotionally and prepared me for the vast emotions that I would experience.

After I gave birth to my son, my social worker continued to check in on me and offer me supportive counseling. On the day that I saw my son again with his adoptive fathers, I sat in between my parents on one side, and my social worker on the other side: the two entities that provided me with ongoing support and guidance through the most courageous journey I have ever taken. To date, I am in my third year of college. I have had ongoing updates regarding my son. Both he and I are thriving.”

If you are a birth parent looking for a safe home for your child, contact Adoption ARC today to receive free counseling. The adoption process is always free, and we will ensure that your child finds the perfect home.

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