Anali Pagano

Anali Pagano, MA

Adoption Coordinator & Office Manager

Anali Pagano, MA Adoption Coordinator & Office Manager

Anali is originally from Argentina but relocated to the Greater Philadelphia area in 2010. She has a bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology and a Masters in Human Services.

Before relocating to the United States, Anali worked as an international social worker for 10 years in Argentina, Chile and El Salvador. While stationed in these countries, she contributed in disaster relief, development initiatives, support to vulnerable populations, drug prevention programs, and teen pregnancy educational community outreach programs.

When she’s not reaching out to people in need, she is spending time with her sweet 10 year old daughter, taking a walk downtown with her DSLR camera, in the kitchen making Argentine empanadas, diving into a great book or enjoying a romantic foreign film!

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