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Public vs. Private Agency Adoption

When opting for an adoption process facilitated by an agency, parents, both birth and adoptive, have a choice of two avenues: public or private. Either way, parents involved should select an agency that make all of their parenting needs the highest priority.

At Adoption ARC, you will find a licensed and accredited non-profit child welfare agency who has been bringing families together for nearly 25 years. We believe that adoption is a lifelong and continual process.

From your initial counseling session through adoption day and beyond, we strive to provide perpetual support for all members of the adoption triad. Call (800) 884-4004!

Public Agency Adoption

Public agency adoption agencies are government-run institutes. These agencies usually run the foster care system in their areas. Public agencies usually are unable to provide counseling services to either the birth mother or adoptive parents. Due to the complexities of the legal process involved in the adoption process, prospective parents would be advised to employ an attorney to assist them.

Private Agency Adoption

Private agencies go through extensive accreditation before they can be licensed.

They must complete and maintain their certification in each state they serve. These agencies can provide a full range of services for all parties involved. In addition, legal assistance and parenting classes may be provided to the adoptive parents as well as specialized counseling for birth mothers. Studies have shown birth mothers who receive prenatal counseling are more likely to complete the adoption process. Private agencies will also perform an extensive screening process in order to provide the best match for the child.

When considering where to place a child the private agency will consider the preferences of all parents, including:

  • Desire for an open, closed or semi-open adoption
  • Religious affiliation
  • Marital status

Adoption ARC is a Full-Service Partner.

As a full-service, non-profit agency, Adoption ARC can facilitate all aspects of the adoption process. Our professionals offer support groups, educational services as well as onsite and in-home counseling. Whatever the needs or concerns, we are always available to provide compassionate assistance!

If you would like to learn more about our adoption services or the benefits of private agency adoptions, call us today!

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