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About Adoption ARC in Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware

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Adoption ARC is a private, non-profit child welfare agency that specializes in placing children of all races and special needs into permanent homes. The agency is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, the New Jersey Division of Human Services and the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families. We provide adoption, foster care, and child welfare services to the tri-state area and beyond.

At Adoption ARC, we have been honoring the adoption triad for nearly 25 years and can take the necessary steps to help you overcome the challenges you are currently experiencing or will be facing. Our mission is to serve each member of the adoption in their individual endeavors. Whether you are a birth parent or adoptive parent, we are devoted to meeting the highest level of legal and ethical standards as we assist you.

We are committed to placing children of all ages into permanent homes. Speak with our adoption agency to get started as soon as you are ready.

Best Interest of the Child

Every decision the Adoption ARC staff makes will have one thing in common: the best interests of the child. Adoption ARC is committed to placing children of all ages into permanent homes. Adoption ARC will assure that all children are placed with adoptive families who are equipped to preserve their cultural heritage and meet their special needs.

ARC has thus far placed approximately 1000 children, 25-30 percent of whom had special needs. Families from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and throughout the United States, Canada and Europe are eager and able to accept these children permanently into their homes.

Adoption Services Throughout the United States

ARC’s mission is to serve birth families, children, and adoptive families; to find safe, permanent homes for children regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or disabling condition; and to do so while respecting the highest legal and ethical standards.

We have many qualifications that set us apart from other adoption agencies. In fact, we have even been featured on the Today Show when we had the opportunity to present an adoptive family with their new child. Since 1994, we have been helping facilitate the creation of families and we can use our experience to help your child receive the home he or she deserves.

Our Adoption ARC program provides permanent and legal adoption for newborn infants with and without special needs, and we have successfully placed over 1,200 children. The children that we serve are of all races, religious backgrounds, and ethnicities. Our agency is licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware to provide excellent adoption services.

Hague Re-Accreditation

Known as the adoption resource center, our Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware birth parent adoption agency is committed to providing the information individuals need as they navigate their adoption cases. We have received accreditation from the Council on Accreditation, which lasts through March 31, 2020. You can trust in our adoption agency to match each child with an appropriate family.

The process of matching a child to a home is done through a home study process. The home study includes at least three in-home visits that are performed by a case worker. Another step included in this process is the review of references, background checks, and other documents.

We also provide continuing after-care services, including:

  • In-home counseling
  • Support groups
  • Educational opportunities
  • Social events
  • Newsletters

The goal of our birth parent adoption agency is to remain connected with the adoptive family because we believe that adoption is a lifelong process. We serve the entire community by providing a lifetime support system to individuals who are affected by adoption.

History of Adoption Arc

Adoption ARC was born in March 1994 in response to the 2,500 babies born in Philadelphia who need permanent homes. In addition, 7,000 children in the Pennsylvania social service system need homes. Adoption ARC was licensed in August 1994 by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare to combat these problems by providing adoption, foster care and child welfare services in the state of Pennsylvania. In July 1997, in response to the need to service a larger area, we received an adoption license from the state of New Jersey Division of Human Services. In 2006, we received our license from the state of Delaware.

Unplanned Pregnancy? Get the help you need.

From the initial free pregnancy options counseling program with Adoption ARC counselor to our many other services, we remain by your side to help ensure a successful parenting outcome. Through our counseling process, some birth parents determine that they want to parent their child themselves. Individuals who want to proceed with adoption are also be supported by our agency.

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