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Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours!

Its that time of year again, and what a year it has been!

We, at Adoption Arc, have put together our “year in review” for 2020. We made many adjustments to ensure safe open meetings, in-person counseling, and to provide support any way we could. We’ve also received some wonderful family updates and have hosted two Zoom educational sessions.

Many of us are working from home through these tough times and we are beyond elated that we have found ways to continue and strengthen the bonds between our families and still create new adoption opportunities for birth parents and welcoming families.

We’ve put all of this together (and more!) in our annual newsletter. We’d love if you took a few minutes to see all of the smiling faces we’re proud to have as our extended family.

Adoption Arc 2021 New Years Card

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Bringing Families Together Since 1994

At Adoption ARC, Inc., our mission is to serve families and individuals as they seek to find a home or be the home for an adoptive child. Our goal is to find permanent and safe homes for children in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware—all while upholding the highest ethical and legal standards.

Since 1994, we have been helping create families regardless of religion, ethnicity, or any disabling conditions. Along with assisting families in their adoption endeavors, we place a majority focus in helping birth mothers make an alternative choice to raising a child or abortion when adoption meets their wishes more completely.

Bringing Families Together is Our Lifelong Commitment

If you are facing an unplanning pregnancy, Adoption ARC is here to help you find a loving home for your child.

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Adoption ARC is licensed to provide adoption, child welfare, and foster care services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. For nearly 25 years, we have continued to help families and birth mothers throughout these states find solutions that align with their wishes and goals.

Our goal is to find safe homes for children and maintain high ethical standards. We are licensed by four agencies: Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, New Jersey Dept of Children and Families, the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth, and Their Families, and the Inter-Country Adoption Accreditation(IAAME) from which we receive our Hague License.

Turn to Adoption ARC for support today.

If you are a birth parent hoping to place your child in the care of a loving family or home, our adoption agency offers services that may help you find an effective solution and ensure your child is looked after. We find parents who are committed to raising the child with desirable preferences in mind. We conduct extensive home visits, background checks, and properly authorized documentation for each family we work with.

Birth parents may receive the following benefits when placing their children:

  • Open and closed adoptions available
  • Practicing with the highest level of confidentiality
  • Letter-sharing between birth parents and adoptive families
  • Meeting between birth parents and adoptive families


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    We provide support for birth parents & adoptive families

    Helping Adoptive Parents Build a Family

    We have supported adoptive families since 1994. If you are seeking to adopt, Adoption ARC offers full services to adoptive families and birth parents before, during, and after the procedure. As an adoptive parent, this means that we ensure the adoption meets the needs and desires of every family. We believe adoption is a lifelong process—adoptive parents who work with us receive continued care and support services.

    We offer many benefits to adoptive parents, including:

    • Counseling is private and confidential.
    • We facilitate all aspects of child placement.
    • Effective Home Studies for Desirable Matches.
    • Support Groups and Community Events Offered.
    • You are eligible whether single, divorced, or married.
    • We remain involved and stay connected with you

    What Our Birth Mothers are Saying

    I know my son is in great hands due to their help.

    Past Birth Mother

    Adoption ARC is the best and I love them for all the help they gave me…

    Past Birth Mother

    They made me feel so comfortable. Thank you Adoption ARC for everything!

    Past Birth Mother

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    Whether you are looking to put your child up for adoption or you are a prospective adoptive parent, Adoption ARC has the compassionate staff and resources to support you. Contact us at any time to learn more and discuss all of your options.