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If you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and are unsure if you can raise your child, you can turn to our adoption agency to help you understand your options. If you unexpectedly became pregnant, you are not alone. According to the Office on Women’s Health at the United States Department of Human Services, approximately 50% of all pregnancies are unexpected.

At Adoption ARC, we understand that you may be in frightening or uncertain circumstances, and we can provide you with the compassionate counseling and support you and your unborn child need during this challenging time. Contact us today for a free counseling session at a location of your choosing.

Support Services for Pregnant Mothers

When you work with our Newark adoption agency, you receive the following services:

Free Confidential Counseling: Our compassionate counselors can help you decide if adoption is the best choice for you and your unborn child. We can answer all of your questions, explain your options regarding adoption, and the rights of the child’s birth father.

Family Mediation Services: If there are conflicts between you and your parents or the child’s father, our family mediation services can help facilitate conflict solutions and improved communication.

Referrals for Prenatal Care: As a nonprofit licensed adoption agency, we can assist you in finding prenatal care, which involves regular appointments with an obstetrician (OBGYN), and arranging transportation to and from each appointment.

Adoption Planning: If you choose adoption, we will ensure that you have everything you need for a safe and healthy pregnancy, and this includes medical insurance, transportation to and from your doctor’s appointments, maternity clothing, and housing. We will also ensure that you understand your rights and that they are safeguarded throughout the adoption process.

Community Service Referrals: We can connect you up with the community services that you and your family needs, including:

  • GED
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Job Training
  • Childcare
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
  • Medical Insurance

Parenting Support Services: If you decide to raise your child, we can provide you with the support necessary to care for yourself and your baby. We offer classes, on-on-one training, and a support group.

Steps to Take Once You Learn You are Pregnant

Immediately after discovering that you are pregnant, you want to ensure that you take proper care of yourself and your unborn baby.

To protect your unborn child, you should:

  • Cease smoking immediately
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs
  • Eat a healthy diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole
    grains, and lean proteins.
  • Check with your doctor if you are on any medication (some medications are
    known to cause birth defects in unborn infants)
  • Take a daily prenatal supplement

Once you become pregnant, you should immediately schedule a doctor’s appointment and follow his or her instructions regarding prenatal care. If you are considering adoption, contact our adoption professionals as soon as possible. We can ensure that you receive the guidance and support you and your baby need for a healthy, stress-free pregnancy.

The adoption process is constantly evolving, but we can help you through each phase. If you want to learn more about Adoption ARC’s services, contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule a free and confidential counseling session.

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