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How do I put my child up for adoption?

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Putting your child up for adoption can seem like an overwhelming decision. Even if you decide to seek this option, there are many uncertainties. What steps should you take? Are you prepared? What are your rights during this process?

For over two decades, Adoption ARC has been helping women and couples through every step of the adoption process. We’re dedicated to our mission of being a comprehensive resource for those looking to place a child with a loving family. There is no stage of the adoption process we are unfamiliar with and we’re ready to walk you through each step to making your adoption happen quickly, legally, and amicably.

Steps in the Adoption Process

Once you’ve decided that adoption is the best option for your child, you must decide whether to seek an independent adoption or obtain an agency’s help. Independent adoptions do have some benefits and are most common when a prospective adoptive family is already known, or has been in contact with the birth parents.

An agency adoption, like the ones we offer at Adoption ARC, not only conduct all the necessary work in finding adoptive parents, they also provide resources like counseling, medical referrals, and family mediation. Whether you chose an agency adoption or an independent one, you must then choose what type of adoption to pursue.

The various types of adoptions available for birth parents are:

  • Open adoptions, where contact is maintained with the adopted child and family.
  • Traditional adoptions, where no contact with the child is maintained.
  • Kin adoptions, when another member of the birth parent’s family adopt the child.

In all of these adoptions, steps are then taken to ensure the adoptive parties are fit to care for the child. This is mostly determined by a homestudy which is conducted by a social worker and includes multiple interviews, visits, reference interviews and background checks.

Other Important Birth Parent Information

During this adoption process, there is some key information birth parents should keep in mind. This includes the fact that In Pennsylvania, the only money that can be given to a birth mother by adoptive parents is for legal fees and medical bills. Other money, like stipends or living expenses, are illegal. Also, both birth mothers and fathers have 30 days to revoke their consent for adoption after the birth of the child.

If you or a loved one is considering adoption but remain unsure on which steps to take to actually put a child up for adoption, please contact a Pennsylvania adoption agency.

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