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There are so many important and even intimidating questions you might face when dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Even when you’ve decided on adoption, your options can feel overwhelming. Many of these concerns tend to orbit around one distressing uncertainty: who will adopt your child?

Contrary to want many women and couples might think when considering adoption, the burden of finding a suitable, loving, and permanent home for their child does not have to rest on them. There is a legal procedure to help place children in the hand of qualified parents ready to adopt. Adoption ARC prides itself on going the extra mile to connect children with adoptive parents that are an ideal fit.

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How are adoptive parents selected?

Legally, there are several things anyone applying to be an adoptive parent must meet. First and foremost, adoptive parents cannot have a record of child abuse or other criminal behavior. Prospective parents must also complete a homestudy conducted by a licensed social worker.

A home study does the following:

  • Determines financial security and overall safety of the household
  • Evaluates the emotional health of the couple, family, or individual
  • Educates the prospective parents on adoption procedure and expectations
  • Gathers any information to help determine an adoptive match for the child

Background checks and reference interviews are also part of the home study process.

How will I know if the placement is right?

There is no magic formula to predicting a child’s connection to an adoptive parent. We encourage open and honest interactions with children and individuals so both parties can determine a potential match.

Adoptive ARC also offers open adoptions for birth parents concerned with the placement and future of their child. Our update coordinator keeps birth parents informed with photos and information from the adoptive family so that concerned birth parents can see that their child is healthy, happy, and taken care of. Communication and visitation are also possible options in an open adoption.

It should be noted, however, that while we encourage open adoptions, they are not required. Open adoptions, and their terms, must be agreed upon with all parties before placement.

If you are exploring adoption and want to know more about the adoption process, we invite you contact Adoptive ARC. We have a dedicated Pennsylvania adoption counselor ready to speak with you today.

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