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About Adoption ARC

Mission Statement

ARC's mission is to serve birth families, children, and adoptive families; to find safe, permanent homes for children regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or disabling condition; and to do so while respecting the highest legal and ethical standards.

Every decision the Adoption ARC staff makes will have one thing in common: the best interests of the child. Adoption ARC is committed to placing children of all ages into permanent homes. Adoption ARC will assure that all children are placed with adoptive families who are equipped to preserve their cultural heritage and meet their special needs.

ARC has thus far placed approximately 1000 children, 25-30 percent of whom had special needs. Families from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and throughout the United States, Canada and Europe are eager and able to accept these children permanently into their homes.

Hague Re-Accreditation

Adoption ARC has received COA Accreditation through March 31, 2016. To check the status of an agency, please check out the COA web site: www.coanet.org. Adoption ARC is also known as Adoption Resource Center. Through the effective oversight of our Executive Director, Merle Gutterman and social work supervisor, Laura Hoffman, and Board President, Harold Sampson and Accountant, Jamie Fleming, Adoption ARC had a stellar report and wonderful re-accreditation process.

Adoption ARC Program Description

Infants of All Races:

Children served:

This program offers the option of permanent, legal adoption for newborn infants born with no special needs. These children may be of any racial, ethnic or religious background. We are licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware to provide adoption services.

Referral sources:

Most birth families enter this program through a self- referral process. Others are referred by their prenatal care providers, crisis pregnancy centers, school guidance counselors, or other social or health care providers. In addition, last minute referrals of infants already born are accepted from hospital social workers.

Services provided:

All birth families receive free, confidential counseling. Counseling addresses the pregnancy, the infant, impact on other family members, resources and support system for the birth family, grief work, goal setting and future planning. Hospitals are provided with immediate response to referrals and an individualized case plan as the hospital, birth family and agency work together towards discharge planning goals for the infant.

First priority will be placed on finding a family trained, equipped and committed to raising a child in the manner suited to the individual child. Secondly, the birth families preferences regarding the race, religion, marital status, etc. of the adoptive family will be matched as closely as possible. Finally, the level of openness desired by the birth family will be matched with an adoptive family comfortable with the same degree of openness. Degrees of openness can range from none to non-identified picture and letter sharing, to non-identified open meeting at the time of placement, to fully identified meetings between birth and adoptive families with the potential of future visits.

All adoptive families that are approved to adopt an infant shall first complete the adoption homestudy process. This shall include a minimum of three in-home visits by a qualified case worker and the completion of all legally required references, background checks and other documentation.

When a "match" between a child, birth family and adoptive family is created, the agency facilitates all aspects of the placement.

Following placement, both the birth and adoptive families shall receive continuing after care services. Such services shall individual in-home counseling as well as support groups, educational opportunities , social events and a newsletter. Efforts are made to keep both birth and adoptive families connected to the agency for as long as possible with the recognition that adoption is a lifelong process.

Lifelong Adoption Support Program

Adoption A.R.C. serves the entire community by providing lifetime supports to people whose lives have been touched by adoption. These services include, but are not necessarily limited to:

Current Programs:

  • Adoptive parent support groups
  • Birth parent support groups
  • Kinship Adoption Support services
  • Sponsoring adoption outreach tables at community events
  • On-going adoption newsletter
  • Adoptive family social events
  • Lifelong Open Adoption Intermediation
  • In Service Training for Hospitals and other community agencies
  • Outreach program in area schools

Parenting Support Services for Birth Families

Not all pregnant women and their families who enter the Adoption A.R.C. counseling program will decide that adoption is the best plan for themselves and their children. In many instances, through the counseling process, birth families will determine that it is possible and desirable to parent their child themselves. In these instances, the agency will provide information, referral and support services to help these families have a successful parenting outcome.

The programs and services described herein are those that have been envisioned by the Founders, Board and Directors of Adoption A.R.C. In addition, the agency remains committed to being flexible and responsive to the needs of the clients served and of the community at large. Thus, new programs and services will be considered over time and a commitment to creativity and innovation will be preserved.

For information about any of these programs, contact:

Adoption ARC, Inc. Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware Licensed Adoption Services Call toll-free: 800-884-4004


Adoption ARC, Inc. is a private, non-profit child welfare agency that specializes in placing children of all races and special needs into permanent homes. The agency is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, the New Jersey Division of Human Services and the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families to provide adoption, foster care and child welfare services to the tri-state area and beyond.

Adoption ARC was born in March 1994 in response to the 2,500 babies born in Philadelphia who need permanent homes. In addition, 7,000 children in the Pennsylvania social service system need homes. Adoption ARC was licensed in August,1994 by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare to combat these problems by providing adoption, foster care and child welfare services in the state of Pennsylvania. In July 1997, in response to the need to service a larger area, we received an adoption license from the state of New Jersey Division of Human Services. In 2006, we received our license from the state of Delaware.

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