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an alternative to abortion.

Alternatives to Abortion

There are many options for birth mothers.

Motherhood is an understandably daunting prospect. For many pregnant women, the thought of becoming a mother and the responsibilities of raising a child are many times, impossible, especially for women who became pregnant unexpectedly. Although, abortion may be a choice for some who face an unplanned, unintended pregnancy, for others it is not a consideration due to religious convictions. Some women are simply not ready to be a parent.

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If you have found yourself in a similar situation, we hope you feel no shame or embarrassment in your uneasiness – every pregnant mother gets scared of the future! We also want you to know that there are alternatives to abortion. At Adoption ARC in Philadelphia, our friendly, compassionate, and supportive team would be happy to discuss abortion alternatives with you. We have been there for pregnant women in need for nearly 25 years and can hopefully find the answers you are seeking without putting any more stress or worries on your shoulders.

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What are the alternatives to abortion?

If you have decided that abortion is not a process that is right for you, but you also are confident you are not ready for motherhood, you have found yourself in the middle of difficult situation. Our Philadelphia adoption agents can be your guide and support. By getting to know the pregnant mothers that come to our office and really gaining an understanding of what their individual needs and desires are, we believe we can find an abortion alternative such as adoption that will give them peace of mind. Each birth mother /family creates the type of adoption with levels of openness that are right for her/ them and her/their child and the adoptive parents.

Birth Mother/Birth Parent Counseling Services

Being a parent or mother is not simply manifest by parenting a child. Sometimes, you may come to the determination that being the best parent you can be includes placing your baby for adoption to give him or her the kind of safety, love and stability you want for him or her.

Support Groups

If you are considering abortion because you do not think you could handle the difficulties of being a mother, and feel that adoption is not the right choice for you, there are many support groups and counseling services you can freely attend to learn all about what it takes to be a mother. Some even offer free supplies, like diapers, formula and bottles, cribs, and more. With the care and encouragement of these groups, you may feel that that you are able to be a parent. It is necessary to explore that option if you have not already.

Safe Havens

Some pregnant woman know absolutely that they cannot become mothers due personal and varying circumstances and they are not interested in being involved in the placement process. Finding a Safe Haven could be best for mothers in this sort of situation but keep in mind that your child will most likely be placed in the county welfare agency custody in a foster home. Pennsylvania Safe Haven Law allows a mother to leave her baby (that is less than 28 days old) at designated Safe Haven locations, usually within hospitals.

The service is completely anonymous and no questions will be asked of the mother. In fact, a mother can have someone else bring the baby to the Safe Haven if it is her wish. Visit for more information. Remember that this process is very impersonal and you could, in fact, be not dong the best for your child by not providing needed medical and personal history.


When parenting a child is not an option and you are not comfortable with using a Safe Haven and you wish to be proactively part of the placement process and would like some updates about your child or contact with your child as he or she grows – or you cannot due to Pennsylvania Safe Haven law limitations – you can consider putting your child up for adoption. The correct language that is used now is placing a child for adoption because you are not giving up anybody but rather making a proactive, loving thoughtful plan for your baby.

Through adoption, you surrender your rights of parentage to a licensed agency, who will, in turn place your baby into a permanent adoptive home with the loving family that you choose. Adoption is often regarded as the best alternative to abortion for many who have religious or moral convictions against abortion, if parenting is not an option, as it can allow you to safely give your child life, while deciding the best option for his or her welfare and still remaining connected to him or her.

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At Adoption ARC in Philadelphia, we believe there are innumerable benefits to adoption but also understand that it is crucial that other adoption alternatives are fully explored. After twenty three years, we have the experience and compassion to assist you in finding the right option for your baby in a judgment-free zone.

If you have questions or concerns about any of these– or if you want to know about more specific alternatives to abortion – please feel to contact us at your first opportunity.

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